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The website is the core of our services, but at the same time also the digital business card of your company for new possible clients.

It is a common mistake to create the digital image of a company only on the social networks like Facebook or Twitter, so we assure that the long-lasting solution is a well-organised and precise website.
1A2F designs your website for all screen resolutions with high quality media contents, social modules, blogs, contact forms, slides and much more.
Our services are for every budget and everyone (from professionals or bloggers to shopkeepers).


Site Management

A lot of people try to create a website without the proper knowledge or the suitable skills in order to manage any possible problems that can inevitably occur.

Thanks to our expertise we can manage your online reputation, website, Facebook fan page or blog using the latest instruments about management, control and analysis of data: your digital contents will become a resource for your business, because you will get information about which posts have achieved high ranking or how many people have read them in order to understand better your target audience.
Many web designers do not know very well how to optimize a website’s traffic on the search engines or how to manage a newsletter, while 1A2F can do all these things, advising the client from the creation of the website to its online publication.

Web Marketing

Thanks to our help you can use the web to make your brand well-known, to increase your visibility in the search engines and to reach specific targets.

1A2F uses AdWords campaigns and web Analytics projects to verify the effective achievement of the estimated goals or to test the actual results of a website.
The search engines and the social networks represent the best instrument to develop precise advertisement campaigns and we can test their effectiveness everyday and prepare periodical reports about the results obtained. 

  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Visibility in the search engines
  • E-mail marketing
  • Personalized strategies 


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1A2F creates your website and builds your online reputation to save money and gain new customers. Our headquarters are currently in Italy, but thanks to Internet we can work with everybody around the world.

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